Listing with Zak

Get ready for the kind of attention you’ve never had. Meticulous consideration of your home’s preparation, pricing, and staging details means you’ll hit the market strong.

I actually found myself googling ‘National Realtor Appreciation Day’ because I am so in awe of how much and how very hard Zak has worked for us…His knowledge of the Bloomington market, along with his eye were invaluable as we sold our house. His counsel helped us get top dollar – and in a very short period of time.

Anne S.

We don’t just take pictures of your home. We set a scene that tells a story. Shot composition and point of view play important roles. A professional photographer spends time at the home experiencing its angles and swaths of light. Regardless of price point, this is a service I provide for every listing.

Prior to listing, we’ll go through your home together to discuss staging and possible repairs. If updates are needed, we’ll prioritize those that will earn you the greatest return. I am professionally partnered with a full-time agent/contractor who can often complete your listing prep-work quickly. Spending a little time and investment now typically pays off for you when we hit the market later.

Setting a price for your home is a process, involving recent data, current trends, buyer behavior, and other factors.

Invite me over! A good place to start is a simple walk- through of your home. Within a few days I can usually provide comparable sales and a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that breaks down the numbers and determines likely price points.